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Another SPOTH

We have another Strange Plant Of The Hour. Take a look. Even though it looks like something that you might rake up and then throw into the composting bin, that is not just a leaf; it is a whole plant. … Continue reading

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This is a new theme on this blog. Strange Plant Of The Hour…. SPOTH. Since we have so many strange plants growing in our basement, and since I have been having trouble thinking up things to post on this blog, … Continue reading

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OK. Here is another sign of Spring. The Chickadees were checking out their house again. He is really looking in that hole. Let’s zoom in a bit closer. Still checking out what is inside the house. Zoom in. He is … Continue reading

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Oops. Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.  

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Winter is Over

Our neighbor across the street just took delivery on a brand new snowblower…. and it is a nice, expensive one too. No more snow this year. Yay.

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When Bread Goes Bad

I have been experimenting with my Ciabatta bread, trying out some on-line suggestions to make it more tasty….. like letting it sit in the fridge over night…. which was a disaster….. or in this case letting it autolyse for an … Continue reading

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Dirt! Ewwwww!!! Due to some allergy problems we have been having…..  and to deal with that New England Catarrh…. which appears to be one of the costs of living here in New England…..  I put an air filter in the … Continue reading

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Word of the Day

The word of the day is…. “LITHOPS” A lithops is  a little desert plant, also called a “Living Stone”, that looks like this; … or like this…. They don’t do much. They just sort of sit there looking like rocks … Continue reading

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The Chickadees were back at their house today to check it out. The two of them come by occasionally during the Winter and take a look. They never go in, but they poke their heads in and look around…. and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! New Years Resolution: Blog more. It has been a few months since I blogged. Been busy. I will come back after I think of something clever to write.

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