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It has been two weeks since I bottled my latest batch of beer, so I grabbed a bottle from the basement to see how it is coming along. In the bottle that I took at random, I found this: The … Continue reading

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Sinningia pusilla

We have an interesting plant blooming in the house. Here is a photo of it. Nice flower, hunh? Except that this flower is a bit different. It’s kind of small. Actually…. it’s really small. Really, really small. Really. Check out … Continue reading

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Beer in the Bottles

I bottled my latest batch of beer this morning. It tasted OK and not a bit spoiled, so I went ahead and bottled it. 57 bottles of beer on the wall. Not a bad yield. I think I am getting … Continue reading

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Didn’t Believe Me?

Re: “still nothing going on in Dad’s Beer Bucket except for one drowned gnat.” from the April 11 post on my previous batch. Well this time, there are two drowned gnats, and I have a better camera, so you can … Continue reading

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It must be Spring. The Kayaks are out on the canal.

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