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We had a visitor today. He showed up in a tree out back. He spent some time surveying the place, probably looking for squirrel lunches. I spent some time snapping photos. There he is, looking regal and checking out the back yard. … Continue reading

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Nixie Clock

So, what do old programmers do after they retire? They write old programs, like a Nixie Tube Clock program. If you don’t know what a Nixie Tube is, then you are not an old programmer. They are neon glow bulbs … Continue reading

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Nasty Storm, Indeed

That wind/snow/sleet/rain storm on Tuesday took a toll on our Chickadee house. The house is looking kind of sad and hanging at an odd angle. Here’s a closer look. It looks like the front tiedown has broken. And yet, the … Continue reading

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Nasty Storm

Hurricane wind, a foot of snow, followed by sleet, followed by rain, followed by a flash freeze. Storms don’t get much uglier than that. But, the Augernaut came through and threw it through and through. It started on the first pull too. … Continue reading

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