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Remember the cute little bunny in my previous post? You know, the one who was rumored to have been eating the flowers? This guy. Well, somebody said the word “Trap“, and this image immediately popped into my head. But then, … Continue reading

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More Bread

I made another loaf of bread. This is a recipe that makes an open crumb artisan bread. Check this out. I made that! Here is what it looks like on the inside. Here’s a closeup so you can see the … Continue reading

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Really Old Car

I went out to the garage to put the new charger for the new phones in the car. I decided to try the charger in the accessory port to see if it would work. Hunh? Wazzat? Yikes. It’s like new … Continue reading

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Today, I made a loaf of bread. I have been studying better techniques for making artisan bread at home. I am all into autolyse and gluten and oven spring….. Of course, I picked the very best day of the year … Continue reading

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“Smalt”. That is a really cool word. It is the name of a paint color that I just found. The original Smalt is made from ground up Cobalt Glass. This paint is called “Smalt Hue”, which means that it is … Continue reading

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Another Seuss Plant

We have another Dr. Seuss® plant blooming. At least this one doesn’t smell like rotting flesh.

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