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Dees and Wrens

Last Spring we had two pairs of birds staying in our birdhouses, one pair of Chickadees and one pair of Wrens. As it turns out, those two types of birds have different nesting habits. So I thought I would post … Continue reading

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No Tooths

We just plucked this from the garden. Gorgeous tomato. No tooth marks. I think we finally exported the miscreant who was eating our garden. And that’s the tooth.

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Caught the Momma

Our Havahart┬« trap has been busy lately. We caught Bugs again…. But then, after reading a bit about bunnies, we found out┬áthat they do not even like tomatoes. It appears that the tomato-eating culprit is this guy…. The ‘possum is … Continue reading

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First Tomato is Ripe!

We have our first ripe tomato of the season! but thanks to the bunny….. it looks like that. We are starting to sympathize with this guy, I think that we might cut the bunny spit off of the tomato and … Continue reading

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