Back From Maine

We just got back from another vacation in Maine. It was a good trip, with the usual strange glitches…. for example the surprise side trip to Rio.

Here is the story behind the Rio trip.

One night, I woke up in the dark and wondered what time it was. So I picked up my watch and tried to turn on the back light to see the time. I pushed every button I could think of to turn on that light. No matter what I did, I could not get the light to come on, so I put it back on the night stand and went back to sleep.

When I woke up early the next morning, the watch thought we were in Rio.


The time was wrong too.

I had to use my new Smart Phone to download the instructions for the watch in order to put us back in Maine.

And then, there was the mouse in the car. Who ever gets a mouse in their car?

On Saturday morning we noticed on the way out to walk the breakwater that “somebody” had shredded the tissues we left in the car and made a nest out of them. We assumed that it was a mouse. The innkeepers loaned us their shop vac to clean up the mess, and we scoured the inside of the car for an hour looking for that mouse. We did not find it. We had the cleanest car in 7 states, and no signs of a mouse. So we figured that it had run away.

Just to be safe, the innkeepers loaned us a mouse trap to put in the car. Take a gander at this thing.

It has teeth.

Yikes! That has teeth! Is it just me, or does that trap bear a spooky resemblance to the cartoon trap I drew in my previous post?

Anyway, that trap means business. And, in fact, the next morning we found the miscreant mouse expired in the jaws of the trap. I will spare you the trauma of seeing the photo of the hapless creature with its paws in the air, but the trap solved the mouse problem.

As I said, other than some strange side trips, the Maine trip was good. Here’s a photo of the view from the Inn.

The View

Not bad.

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