Caught the Momma

Our Havahart® trap has been busy lately. We caught Bugs again….


But then, after reading a bit about bunnies, we found out that they do not even like tomatoes. It appears that the tomato-eating culprit is this guy….


The ‘possum is less picky about what it will eat, and they do like tomatoes. This is a young one.

But then last night we found the Mother Lode…… literally.


We caught the Momma! This creature was not pleased at all at being stuck in that cage, and she even peed in the car to show us how disappointed she was. Fortunately, we had put down a plastic bag under the cage since ‘possums have a reputation for doing that sort of thing.

She was released into the wild to find her joeys and have a better life. The wetlands will certainly provide better options for them than our back yard does.

According to the interwebs, a group of ‘possums is called a “passel”. Well, we have certainly had a passel o’ ‘possums lately.

“Passel”. What a cool word. Too bad it doesn’t have a ‘postrophe in it.

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