This is a new theme on this blog. Strange Plant Of The Hour…. SPOTH. Since we have so many strange plants growing in our basement, and since I have been having trouble thinking up things to post on this blog, and since this was really somebody else’s idea anyway, I thought that it might be entertaining to show the diversity of what the plants can come up with in their quest to be different.

So, let’s do it.

Today’s SPOTH, the first in this series, is this…..

The First

Yes. There is a plant in there. Let’s take a closer look.


This… um….. plant… is a just a little ball with a little tuft of hair on its noggin.


Looks like a MuppetĀ®…… having a bad hair day.

In case you have not nodded off, and you are still interested, here is what it is.


Pronouncing that so that you can order one on the phone is your problem.

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