Silly Terms I Use

This page defines some Silly Terms I Use (STIU pronounced “stew”). It is a glossary of sorts. Hopefully it will make it easier for new visitors to understand the strange entries that I make in this blog. I am certainly not going to re-define every term in every single post. This blog is boring enough as it is.

  • Augernaut – Our huge snowblower. Get it? Auger? Argonaut? Get it? Oh nevermind.
  • Fallapartment – This is the name I gave to the apartment we rented in 2010 while we were building our new house. It was an apartment that was, indeed, falling apart.
  • Fifteen Second Rule – My own rule for how long a blog entry should be. “If it takes longer than 15 seconds to read a blog entry, it is too long.
  • SPOTHStrange Plant Of The Hour. A series of very strange plants that grow in our basement.
  • STIUSilly Terms I Use. This silly page of silly terms, which is itself a silly term, which is somewhat self-referential, so don’t go looking for it again or you may end up in a silly loop.
  • The Beast – Our huge generator that we had to get because I had a 30 Amp transfer switch built into the house for power backup not knowing that I would have to buy a 30 Amp generator to plug into it because generator connectors are keyed. Go figure.

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