Remember the cute little bunny in my previous post? You know, the one who was rumored to have been eating the flowers?

This guy.


Well, somebody said the word “Trap“, and this image immediately popped into my head.


But then, in the end, this is what showed up.


That is a Havahart® trap. All this trap does is close the door on the critter. It doesn’t eat him.

After a few days of the tricky bunny making off with the goodies and leaving the trap open, we finally snagged him.


So, off we went… up the road ,around the corner, across Main Street, half way to New Hampshire (well OK halfway to the next town)….. to the conservation area.

Takin' a walk

And we let the little guy go. He took off like a bunny.

Run, Rabbit

See him?


Looks like there is a lot of grass to eat out there.

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